Trauma Department

Additional Resources

In addition to caring for trauma patients, our Emergency Department/Trauma Center staff is committed to reducing injuries in our community by encouraging safe practices for activities that have the potential for harm and offer some tips on how to keep you and your loved ones safe.

General Safety

Handling Medical Emergencies - When to Call 911
Sachin Shah, MD, MBA, FAAEM

Buckle Up – Seat Belts Save Lives
Jennifer M. Pastiglione, MSN, RN, APN, Trauma Program Manager 

Seasonal Safety

Summer Safety Starts by the Pool  
Nyack Hospital Trauma Program Medical Director, Aleksandr Rakhlin, MD, FACS, shares what steps can be taken to increase pool safety measures.

Stay Safe and Warm this Winter
Rachael Sullivan, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician 

Stay Safe Around Fireworks
Jared Shapiro PhD(c), MPH, FAcEM, CEM, CHSP, CHEP, NREMT-P, Director, Ancillary Services and Construction/Safety Officer 


Playgrounds – Keeping Your Child Safe
Bruce Henry, MD, Emergency Department Physician Pediatric Division 

Concussions. What are they, how to recognize them and how to keep your children safe.
Sachin Shah, MD, MBA, FAAEM, Medical Director Emergency Medicine Services

Smart Choices Help to Keep Children Safe in Cars
Jennifer M. Pastiglione, MSN, RN, APN, Trauma Program Manager 

Put Safety at the Top of Your Toy Shopping List
Maja Djordjevic, MD, Director of Pediatrics 


Treating Sports Injuries – What You Need to Know

Facial Protection – Mouth Guards for All Sports
Mark Papish, MD, FAAEM, Assistant Director Emergency Medicine Services  

Bike Helmets – Fashionable and Functional If They Fit Well and Are Worn Correctly
Sandhya Katz, MD, Emergency Department Physician Pediatric Division 

Play it Safe With Your Eyes: Use Protective Eyewear During Sports
William Greenhut, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician