Nyack Hospital Offers the First and Only SPECT/CT System in Rockland County


Nyack Hospital Offers the First and Only SPECT/CT System in Rockland County

October 6, 2017: Individuals with cancer and cardiac diseases now have access to Rockland County’s first and only SPECT/CT nuclear camera at The Center for Diagnostic Imaging at Nyack Hospital. The GE Hawkeye Nuclear Imaging SPECT/CT is a powerful tool used in treatment and evaluation of many tumors including tumors of the parathyroid and adrenal glands, some pancreas cancers and neuroendocrine cancers such as carcinoid. It provides superior imaging in a shorter period of time, increased patient comfort and a 40% reduction in radiation dose compared to a conventional CT scan.

Nyack Hospital President and CEO, Mark Geller, MD, a board-certified radiologist, shares, “The addition of the SPECT/CT furthers the sophistication of diagnostic and treatment options that Nyack Hospital provides to our community. We are now able to offer another technologically advanced tool in our comprehensive imaging suite previously only offered at a few major medical centers. Patients no longer have to travel for this unique technology.”

The SPECT/CT provides greater accuracy than conventional nuclear medicine cameras because we can pinpoint the location of tumors and infections that were previously hard to localize. The overlay of nuclear medicine and CT images provides better information about body function and structure, creating a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s condition.

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