For Referring Physicians:

At the Weill Cornell Multiple Sclerosis Center at Nyack Hospital, our staff is dedicated to assisting neurologists and physicians within the community in the diagnosis and care of their patients. Comprehensive consultations for diagnostic and/or treatment questions are conducted by our MS specialists. Referring physicians may request one-time consultations, short-term consultations or assumption of care. The Center commonly fulfills requests to evaluate patients for:

  • Atypical findings on MRI
  • Vague neurologic symptoms
  • Confirmation of a MS diagnosis
  • Ascertainment of treatment efficacy in an established patient
  • Review of treatment options
  • Discussion of adverse events associate with MS biologic and pharmacologic therapies
  • Family/Genetic counseling in multiplex families
  • Discussion of clinical trials
  • Co-morbidities
  • Rehabilitative medicine

We understand the sense of urgency and psychological stress felt by patients with suspected MS, and thus every effort is made to evaluate patients quickly and effectively. The referring physician will receive a printed copy of the complete evaluation.