Clinical Services:

The Union State Bank Cancer Center at Nyack Hospital’s clinical offerings are equal to those found in major academic medical centers.  These include:

  • PET/CT technology, which fuses the properties of PET with those of CT to render clear, accurate information about the nature and location of cancer and other abnormalities.

  • The Radiation Oncology division of the Union State Bank Cancer Center at Nyack Hospital features the most advanced conformal therapy modalities available, including the revolutionary TomoTherapy®, which is unprecedented in its ability to shape radiation delivery to the treatment area and avoid normal tissue. Nyack Hospital is one of only a few hospitals to offer this newest radiation therapy technology. In addition, the Center has broad experience with IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy), BAT (B-mode acquisition and targeting), stereotactic radiosurgery and brachytherapy, with special expertise in seed implants for prostate cancer.

  • State-of-the-art chemotherapy is provided on an outpatient basis at the Center’s contemporary Infusion Center by specialized nursing staff. The peaceful, bright and friendly environment gives patients the opportunity to interact with others undergoing treatment and receive education and support from knowledgeable, compassionate nursing staff. Those needing in-hospital care receive their chemotherapy on Nyack Hospital’s inpatient medical oncology nursing unit.

  • In cooperation with Nyack Hospital’s radiology staff, the Cancer Center offers state-of-the-art interventional oncology treatments, including radio-frequency ablation and chemoembolization, which can complement surgical treatments and offer options to radiation therapy or intravenous chemotherapy for appropriate patients.