Physical Therapy
A physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation to assess physical impairments and functional limitations due to strength, mobility and balance deficits, as well as pain. Treatment goals will be established to restore function. You will be assigned a physical therapist who will work with you one-on-one for the course of your treatment, enabling them to gauge your progress and adjust your therapy as needed to meet your goals. Your therapist will closely monitor your exercises and therapies and may prescribe a home exercise program to reinforce your treatment. In addition, you will be educated in techniques to prevent recurring injury and to maintain your renewed mobility.

Therapists utilize a range of techniques, approaches and equipment in customizing your treatment regime. These may include:

  • Individualized exercises for strength, flexibility and balance
  • Mobilization of joints
  • Ultrasound/electrical stimulation
  • Plyometrics
  • Balance training
  • Manual therapy
  • Functional Training
  • Pain reduction methods
  • Strength, flexibility, agility training
  • Core Stabilization