The Behavioral Health Center at Nyack Hospital is an adult acute care psychiatric unit that offers a full spectrum of psychiatric services and medical care.  Having these services based in the hospital allows for the coordination of care without disruption for patients.  Nyack Hospital has the resources to diagnose and treat patients with complex medical and mental health problems, placing the focus on caring for the combined needs of the patient. 

Mental health care is available for those who require acute inpatient psychiatric care for reasons such as depression, psychosis and other mental illnesses. 

Individuals can be directly admitted to the Center by physician referral.  Those individuals who arrive at the Emergency Department will receive medical and psychiatric evaluations at The Judith H. Trust Assessment and Referral Center in the Emergency Department.  Patients requiring inpatient admissions will be transferred to The Behavioral Health Center; those not requiring admission will be assisted in finding appropriate treatment resources with the help of community partners.

Programs at Nyack Hospital address the connection between mind and body, and the services offered at the Center offer best practices for physical and psychiatric illness as supported by data and guidance from expert advisors in the field.