According to the American Stroke Association, “Time lost is brain lost.” That’s why, if you think you’re having stroke, where you go may be as important as how fast you get there.

Nyack Hospital has been designated as a Certified Stroke Center by the New York State Department of Health, raising the bar on stroke care in Rockland County. At Nyack Hospital, policies and protocols have been developed and implemented which foster an organized, systematic way of caring for patients. All the key pieces are in place to care appropriately for stroke patients, including health professionals from a variety of disciplines who are specially trained in stroke care; the resources to conduct timely and thorough evaluations; and the ability to expedite treatment within the necessary timeframe.  

By going immediately to the nearest emergency room, preferably a designated Primary Stroke Center like Nyack Hospital, you may save yourself (or a loved one) from catastrophic disability. According to The Brain Attack Coalition, a consortium of private and government medical associations, an officially designated Primary Stroke Center is best able to address the comprehensive medical needs of a person who is having a stroke.

For further information, or to reach emergency personnel, please call 845.348.2345.