Why Should I have my Joint Replacement Surgery at Nyack Hospital?

Hospital units devoted exclusively to joint replacement surgery were once the domain of premier urban academic medical centers.  The Joint Replacement Center at Nyack Hospital has been treating your friends, neighbors and loved ones with the newest medical advances in joint replacement for more than 5 years. 

Local, immediate access to your orthopedic surgeon.
Your Nyack Hospital surgeon is available throughout the duration of your care. If you live in Rockland and have the surgery in New York City or elsewhere, follow-up with the healthcare professionals who treated you could be a challenge.

Accessibility to your personal physicians.
If you need to see your primary care physician or specialist during your hospital stay, you will be seen by those who know you best—your local physicians.

Board-certified orthopedic surgeons.
At Nyack Hospital, surgeons with full attending physician status, who have trained at top institutions in the country, perform every procedure from start to finish. There are no residency physicians participating in our surgeries.

Personalized Case Managers.
Our Case Managers work with you to accommodate your needs for assistive equipment, physical therapy, discharge planning and other services.

Proximity of family and friends.
We encourage visits from family and friends during your hospitalization. It’s just a local drive to Nyack Hospital.

Comprehensive, individual post-surgical rehabilitation therapy.
Each patient's therapy needs are carefully determined, and an individualized plan of care is developed. Most often, patients receive physical therapy twice each day, provided by licensed therapists who have been specifically trained in the rehabilitation of patients with joint replacement surgery. Occupational therapy services are also available for those patients who require assistance with activities of daily living.