Deciding if Joint Replacement is for You

There is only one good reason to have joint replacement surgery: You want to continue living a full and productive life, but the pain of your deteriorating knee or hip and the resulting disability is getting in the way. “I don’t feel ‘old’ in my mind,” patients tell us, “but my body tells me differently.”

Ask yourself:

  • Have I tried (or discussed with my doctor) more conservative approaches, including oral analgesics, and other alternatives to knee or hip replacement available at Nyack Hospital?
  • Has my pain become so severe as to be exhausting or a burden?
  • Is my disability interfering with my daily routine, ability to earn a living or my personal relationships?
  • Is it keeping me from recreational activities I’ve always enjoyed?
  • Do I feel older than I am? –or– Were it not for my knee/hip, would I feel younger?

If you are in reasonably good health, older age is usually not an issue. People in middle adulthood with severe joint degeneration are also considering total joint replacement in greater numbers than ever before.

Advancements in materials and techniques have made surgery a more viable option for those who, even several years ago, would have waited until they were older.  In addition, our physicians perform minimally invasive and small incision surgery where appropriate.  Partial knee replacements, which ease recovery for some patients, may also be a viable alternative to traditional knee replacement surgery.  Your physician will speak with you about what is the best treatment option for you.