ER Wait

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Nyack Hospital proudly announces the launching of its Emergency Room 30-Minute Service Standard. Seeing patients expeditiously is vital to providing optimal patient care.  Overcrowding and long wait times in hospital emergency rooms are familiar national problems.  Nyack Hospital is now one of a select few hospitals nationwide that is confronting these problems by adopting a service standard.  The medical staff at Nyack Hospital is highly trained in caring for both pediatric and adult emergency patients, and has embraced the opportunity to exceed expectations in the community it serves. 

“Visiting an Emergency Room can be extremely stressful, and waiting for care only increases a patient’s fear and anxiety.” states Oscar Marcilla, MD, Emergency Room Director at Nyack Hospital.  “We provide a high level of care, while addressing peoples’ dislike of long wait times.  At Nyack Hospital, your emergency is our emergency,” he continued.

The Hospital re-engineered the Emergency Room using LEAN methodologies in order to improve the patient flow.  In addition, a wireless medical record system was installed, enabling medical personnel to quickly access a patient’s medical history and allowing him or her to initiate treatment more quickly.  Working together, the nurses, physicians, technicians and other medical personnel provide high quality patient care, and continuously improving the level of service in the Emergency Room.  In addition, wait times in the ER are shown on this web site in the upper right corner of each web page.

Patients who arrive at Nyack Hospital’s Emergency Room will have their medical care initiated within 30 minutes of arrival, provided by physicians, physician-assistants and nurse practitioners.  If care does not begin within the 30-minute standard, patients will receive a letter of apology and a gift certificate at a local merchant.