Preparing for your X-ray:

Preparation for your X-ray depends on the type of exam you are having.

X-rays require a prescription from your healthcare provider.  You must bring the prescription with you on the day of the test.   If you have any previous imaging study results (x-ray, MRI, CT, etc.), such as reports, films, etc., from tests performed elsewhere, please bring them with you. 

When you are scheduling your appointment, please indicate any possibility of pregnancy to the Registration Clerk.

Depending on the X-ray you are scheduled for, you may need to arrive for your appointment earlier than your appointment time to prepare for the test.   

During the exam
Conventional radiography (x-ray) is a simple, painless procedure that is performed by the radiology technician.  It enables the Radiologist to analyze the bony and soft tissue anatomy to make a diagnosis. The average x-ray study takes 15-20 minutes.

Fluoroscopy uses a fluoroscope, which is an instrument consisting of an x-ray machine and a fluorescent screen that utilize an image intensifier to view the internal organs of the body. A fluoroscopy exam often takes between 30-40 minutes. A contrast agent is sometimes utilized to enhance the area being tested.

After the exam
After reviewing the images, our Radiologist dictates a diagnostic report which upon finalization is faxed, mailed or transmitted electronically to your physician. Your doctor will contact you with your results.