Preparing for your Ultrasound:

Preparation for your ultrasound depends on the type of exam.  The Registration Clerk will discuss this with you when you schedule your appointment.

Wear comfortable clothing. You may be asked to remove clothing and/or jewelry while the test is being done. 

Depending on the Ultrasound you are scheduled for, you may need to arrive for your appointment earlier than your appointment time to prepare for the test.   

During the exam
Most ultrasounds are fast, easy, and painless.

You will be positioned on a cushioned table and a clear water-based gel will be applied to your skin. This gel acts as a conductor.

The radiology technician or radiologist presses a transducer, a hand-held device that sends and receives ultrasound signals, firmly against the skin and sweeps it back and forth to image the area of interest.

Images instantly are captured on a television-like monitor and transferred to your radiologist to review and interpret.

Depending on the type of exam, ultrasounds can last anywhere from 20-60 minutes.

After the exam
After reviewing the images, our Radiologist dictates a diagnostic report which upon finalization is faxed, mailed or transmitted electronically to your physician. Your doctor will contact you with your results.