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Nyack Hospital has been a community leader in Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for decades and was the first in our community to offer Breast MRI to more thoroughly evaluate our breast cancer patients. Breast MRI is a rapidly expanding and highly sensitive imaging modality that uses NO radiation, as it is done using sophisticated magnetic field imaging.  

While Breast MRI is used only for specific indications, it has been shown to be a highly sensitive exam that expands our ability to diagnose early stage breast cancers that may not be visible by the standard techniques of mammography and ultrasound. We also understand that some of our patients have concerns about claustrophobia.  For those who have additional concerns, we offer monitored intravenous sedation if necessary, in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.  Our doctors will help determine if a Breast MRI exam is appropriate.

In addition, patients at Nyack Hospital may now obtain biopsies performed under MRI guidance, considered a breakthrough technology for the community hospital setting. This technique is specifically for suspicious abnormalities that are detected by MRI only, and are not visible either on mammography or ultrasound. Our radiologists were among the first in the country to offer MRI-guided vacuum assisted breast biopsy and have some of the most experience in the tri-state area. Again, while most patients having these procedures are quite comfortable and require only a local anesthetic for the needle biopsy, some patients are anxious or have difficulty with claustrophobia. If necessary, monitored intravenous sedation can be used in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Our breast MRI radiologists will work with you to evaluate the need for biopsy and assure that your biopsy is performed easily and accurately.

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