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Spring Valley Outpatient Satellite

The new location of the Spring Valley outpatient satellite Recovery Center for Change is 7 Main Street in Spring Valley. Since 2003, Nyack Hospital has upheld its commitment to provide the community of Spring Valley with support in dealing with problems associated with chemical dependency. Our services, established through a grass roots effort, stress quality care provided in an ethical, culturally sensitive environment involving the tremendous resource that exists within the community itself. We believe that healing occurs when we employ the wider community in the care of our clients.

The Spring Valley Satellite Outpatient Treatment Site:

  • Is easily accessible in the community.
  • Has culturally appropriate staffing.
  • Provides individual and group counseling in both English and Spanish.
  • Works in close collaboration with employers, social services, attorneys, probation/parole officers, and community leaders.
  • Is fully integrated with all of Nyack Hospital’s Addiction Services.
  • Encourages participation in 12 step oriented and other community based support groups.