About Our Services

Working closely with the referent
Working closely with referents has a significant impact on the client’s success in treatment. We work closely with outside therapists, physicians, employers, schools, social services and the legal profession and law enforcement to provide clients with the most appropriate levels of care.

We can help
Recovery and rehabilitation from addiction is a life-long process which is unique for everyone, and seeking professional help is the first step. One of the initial goals is assessing the patient’s needs, and developing a treatment strategy.

Detoxification and Inpatient Treatment
At Nyack Hospital, we believe that an interdisciplinary approach is best providing the client with care for mind, body and spirit. Education, group and individual therapies, medicine and psychiatry, combined with recreation, meditation and reflection help our clients achieve sufficient stability to adapt to a sober lifestyle.

Individual Assessment and Psychological Support
An ever-increasing number of those seeking help are suffering from both chemical dependency and mental health issues. Our comprehensive program offers dual diagnosis and psychiatric support services. Nyack Hospital’s inpatient and outpatient programs offer evaluation and treatment to provide our clients with the tools to process the special difficulties they encounter.

Outpatient Programs
Our outpatient program offers a broad spectrum of specialized groups. In addition, programs include individual therapy, educational lectures, case management, targeted programs and psychiatric services. For your convenience, groups are offered in both daytime and evening hours. Our aim is to build a strong foundation for recovery, applying tools to daily life, coping, and life management. Groups are available during both daytime and evening hours.

Extended Care
Continuing support after initial treatment is an integral step in the recovery process as clients make and maintain the transition from intensive treatment to daily life. Our programs provide a supportive environment as clients begin their lifelong journey of recovery. Treatment programs may involve participation in community 12- Step programs, alumni support, family sessions, physical and lifestyle management assistance and educational/career coaching.