Did you know you can get a personalized eating plan at www.mypyramid.gov?  It gives you the amount of each food group you need daily. 
This will enable you to eat right for a healthy weight.

Here are some tips for adults who want to make changes in their lifestyle
and achieve a healthier weight:

    Make realistic healthy goals because you are more likely to succeed.  Start with two or three specific goals.  Keep track of your progress by writing down what you eat and how much activity you achieve.  Remember to reward yourself when you accomplish these small goals.  Treat yourself to a healthy magazine subscription, a new exercise class or a healthy new cookbook.

    Plan your meals ahead and aim to eat at least three meals per day.  Planning your meals ahead helps to keep you on track.  Always make a shopping list and stick to the list.

    Practice the plate method.  Half of your plate should be filled with vegetables,  a quarter with lean meat, poultry or fish and a quarter with grains.  Balance the meal out with a glass of fat-free or low-fat milk and a serving of fruit for dessert.

    Try switching from a large dinner plate to a smaller one like a dessert plate.  The perception of a full plate can make you feel satisfied while you are actually eating less.

    Plan for nutritious snacks (like cheese or peanut butter and whole grain crackers, fresh fruit) between meals to curb hunger at meal time.  Keep snacks in your desk, backpack or car. 

    Find balance between food and physical activity.  To help control weight, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends adults be physically active for about 60 minutes daily.  Break it up into several 10 or 15 minute segments if larger amounts at one time are not achieveable for you.