Nursing Recognition

Recognizing Nurses’ Excellence:
Nurse recognition is a key component of the culture of excellence at Nyack Hospital.  In addition, recognizing excellence in the delivery of nursing care strengthens nurse recruitment and retention.   Direct care nurses find many ways to celebrate and honor their colleagues, their achievements and their specialty practices and to acknowledge the contributions that nurses make every day to patient and health care to the community.

Recognition All the Time
All RN staff wear a nametag bearing the symbol “RN”.  This initiative both promotes patient safety and satisfaction, and provides visible recognition for each Nyack Hospital RN's important role as caregivers. 

The Hospital provides all nurses with the opportunity to participate in a Nursing Clinical Ladder.  The Clinical Ladder provides the opportunity for nurses to progress along a continuum of three levels of Nursing practice.

Hospital Recognition
Nursing Department staff members are all eligible to be nominated for the Hospital’s “Shining Star” award.  This award is part of the Hospital-wide recognition program.

In addition to the “Shining Star” award, Department staff members may be nominated for the “Wholeness of Life” award, offered annually through the Department of Pastoral Care.

All Hospital staff are recognized for increments in length of service at an annual Employee Service Awards Dinner.

Nurses’ Week Recognition
Nyack Hospital’s Nurses’ Week Planning Committee arranges a wide range of events to celebrate all that Nyack Hospital’s nurses mean to each other, to the Hospital’s mission, and to our community.
In addition to the centralized events sponsored by the Hospital, Nyack Hospital participates in Rockland County Nurse Recognition Day celebrations.  Nurse Managers and peers are encouraged to nominate nursing staff members for county-wide nursing excellence awards.  In 2009, three nurses from the Hospital received this acknowledgement.