Nursing Recognition

Celebrating Our Nurses

“Caring is the essence of nursing” – Jean Watson

A special congratulations to the 2015 Rockland County Nursing Excellence Award Nominees:

Mary Kemper, RN
Cassandra Leon, RN
Manju Thomas, RN
Debbie McKenzie, RN
Nuala Ridge, RN
Colleen Beirne, RN
Alicia Milton, RN
Maureen O'Brien, RN
Corinne Siracusa, RN
Cicily Abraham, RN

The 2014 Nyack Hospital Nightingale Nurse Excellence Award Winners:

  • Nurse Practitioner -  Sue Pederson, NP
  • Critical Care – Cicily Abraham, RN
  • Surgical Services – Nuala Ridge, RN
  • Leadership – Maureen O’Brien, MSN, RN-C
  • Leadership – Colleen Beirne, RN CSHA
  • Medical Surgical Nursing – Corinne Siracusa, RN
  • Organizational Nursing – Cassandra Leon, RN
  • Outpatient Services – Alicia Milton, RN
  • Mother/Baby – Manju Thomas, RN
  • Nursing Team – Home Care Improvement in Pain Team
  • Friend of Nursing – Marie Ternemil, PCA
  • Friend of Nursing – Leon Vidal