The Goals for Nursing Care at Nyack Hospital

Goals for the Nursing Department are based on The Caring Philosophy and are a Direct Reflection of the Purpose of the Organization.

  • To provide excellence inpatient care that is comprehensive and sensitive to their social, emotional, cultural and physical needs.
  • To recruit, retain and develop nursing staff in a progressive environment that provides challenges and fosters creativity, personal/professional growth and displays performance of service standards.
  • To ensure optimal quality of patient care through objective, systematic monitoring using established standards and criteria-based evaluations.
  • To measure the effectiveness of nursing research through ongoing investigation and implementation of concepts and theories designed to improve patient care.
  • To provide clinically rich learning experiences for affiliating nursing students through the collaborative efforts of service and education.
  • To ensure that competency of all staff is assessed, maintained, demonstrated, and continually improved.  The combination of knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed by nurses at all levels is evaluated through licensure, academic degrees, national certification, general and unit-specific orientation, specialty training programs, mandatory in-services, staff development and continuing education programs, continuous quality improvement-performance improvement reports, criteria based performance standards, and direct supervision-annual competency review.
  • To provide care to patients with acute and chronic illness, patient education, illness prevention, health maintenance, discharge planning and palliative care.