Resource Management

  • We will protect our assets and the assets of others entrusted to the Hospital, including physical and intellectual property, and protect information against loss, theft or misuse.
  • All managers should establish appropriate internal controls over all the areas of their responsibility to ensure the safeguarding of the Hospital’s assets and the accuracy of financial records and reports.
  • We follow applicable copyright, patent, trademark, and marketing laws and license agreements when we use computer software and printed publications.
  • We do not install, share, or copy software programs or perform any other acts that would be in violation of the vendor’s software license agreements or of organizational policies.
  • We report all hours worked properly and accurately in accordance with our time and attendance policies and procedures.
  • We devote our work time and our abilities to our assigned job responsibilities.
  • We comply with the regulatory requirements, accreditation standards and organizational policy governing the creation, management, retention and destruction of records.
  • If you become aware of any improper use of the Hospital’s resources, you should report the matter immediately.. If you need clarification as to whether the matter violates established controls, contact the Compliance Officer.